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New frontiers in cowkitsch

This is a few months late, but check out the official German entry in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.

What a pity real Texans can't enter! Kelly Willis or Hot Club of Cowtown would have whupped their little popos. Or any SoCo happy hour band, for that matter.

Language geek notes: Wikipedia reports that Eurovision's language policy has flipflopped over the years as to whether contestants must sing in their own national languages. When the rules are loosened, English dominates, but a couple of entries have even been in conlangs.

Texas Lightning's other big hit is a country cover of Like a Virgin. Hear more at Hype Machine or (Via Chilango.)

music 2007.01.02 link


Googling a bit to try to find a couple of Kelly or Hot Club videos to compete with the above I didn't find anything with comparable production values, but I did run into this video of a wonderful little show I was lucky enough to attend at Pacha last year. That's Alana (Fremerman) James of Hot Club, Cindy Cashdollar and Doug Davis.

There aren't enough videos of Alana's singing in the Tube-osphere!

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2007.01.02
I get the impression these guys sort of skate on that blurry line between tribute and mockery, judging from the other silly covers they do (Dancing Queen stands out). The fact that they are German (really, perhaps they're just from Fredericksburg) adds to the kitsch value.

Adam Rice [adamrice cxe 8stars punkto org] • 2007.01.02
Thanks for the link and, well, it's nice to see some REAL Texans are finally reacting to this band ;) And yes, they are German, except for the lead singer, who happens to be Australian. And nope, they didn't win the Eurovision contest. I agree with Adam Rice on that blurry line, but I'd say the real mockery is about all those north- and east-german country bands; speaking of cowkitsch: ever heard about Truck Stop from Hamburg?

Gryphon [el_rivin cxe yahoo punkto de] • 2007.03.03
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