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¿Por qué? ¿Por qué, por qué?

This year the Christmas cards never got written but at least I managed to pull together my annual mix CD. If you're a regular commenter here, drop me a line with your snail-mail address and I'd be delighted to send you a copy.

¿Por qué? ¿Por qué, por qué? Stuff I've been listening to in 2006
Marcos Valle
(with Anamaria Valle)
  1  Crickets Sing for Anamaria (Os grilos)
M & U's favorite tune of the year. I made them promise they'd never emulate Anamaria. (1968)
Edson Frederico e a Transa   2   Bobeira
I haven't deciphered the lyrics yet, but a bobeira is a silly mistake. (1975)
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Billy Preston   3   Let the Music Play
RIP. Catch him in the amazing opening of the documentary Before the Music Dies. (1967)
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James Brown   4   Out of Sight
RIP. (1964)
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Esther Phillips   5   Home is Where the Hatred is
Galveston-born singer applies personal experience to a Gil Scott-Heron tune. (1972)
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Sly and the Family Stone
vs. Devin Lima
  6   If You Want Me to Stay
From the remix/duet compilation "Different Strokes By Different Folks". I'm not sure why Devin would feel the need to tinker with Sly's original, but the result is still pretty tasty. (1973/2005)
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Goldfrapp   7   Ride a White Horse
One of those tunes that inexplicably grabs me and I'm almost afraid to know more about the band it came from.
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The Hard Lessons   8   Milk and Sugar
As the Ear Candy DJs like to say, it's got a crunchy rock exterior and a gooey pop center. Yum.
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Broadcast   9   Michael a Grammar
This is not your sawtooth wave.
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Barbara Morgenstern   10   The Operator
Serious German synth pop.
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Gigi   11   Hulu-Dane
Gigi sings a fusion of Ethiopian traditional music and jazz, in the footsteps of Aster Aweke. Here Bill Laswell gives her the full orientalist treatment with sarangi, tabla and electronics. In his hands it works.
Dizzy Gillespie   12   All the Things You Are
Why this particular tune? Dunno, maybe it's the bowed bass hook. (1947)
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King Pleasure   13   Moody's Mood for Love
Another M&U favorite. King Pleasure was an early practitioner of transcribing jazz solos and writing lyrics for them. This is a remake of his 1952 hit, minus the soupy strings and turning it into a duet. (1960)
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Betty Hutton   14   Blow A Fuse
Another favorite straight from the MP3 blog Soul Sides. And yes, Björk did what is now the definitive version, but the original is just as amazing. (1948)
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Gecko Turner   15   Limón en la cabeza
Okay, you have my permission to hate me for infecting you with this earworm. Gecko Turner is from Spain and to me sounds like one part Manu Chao and one part Macarena, if you can imagine that, with a squeeze of the lime and the coconut.
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Los Super Elegantes   16   ¿Por qué te vas?
Another earworm, a cheese-pop cover from an LA band that deserves to be this year's Brazilian Girls. You gotta see the video for their song "Sixteen", linked below. In that moment I felt so abandoned that I ran out into the streets shouting, why, why, why?
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Julieta Venegas   17   Andar conmigo
Leave it to Julieta to wring the significant from the banal. There are so many roads to walk, tell me if you'll walk with me.
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Tom Jobim with Astrud Gilberto   18   Só tinha que ser com você
Two monumental but sometimes uneven performers, here in fine form. (1964)
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Moacir Santos with Zé Nogueira   19   Coisa nº 5 - Nanã
A little story: surfing Flickr, my eye was caught by Tom Jobim's banyan tree in the Rio botanical garden; after following the lovely meditative photos of Zenog for a while, I learned that he is a saxophonist and producer; poking at his site I found this gorgeous piece. (2001)
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Maria Rita   20   Minha alma (A paz que eu não quero)
Peace without a voice isn't peace, it's fear. Sometimes life asks me, what kind of peace would I not put up with to try to be happy?
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Happy listening in 2007!

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