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Notebooks as tools for mental gridlock

How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought You Think is an e-book on using your Moleskine to freeze your brain in its tracks.

If you do the things described in this book, you will be IMMOBILIZED for the duration of your commitment. The immobilization will come on gradually, but steadily. In the end, you will be incapable of going somewhere without your cache of notes, and will always want a pen and paper w/ you. ... You will NEVER BE WITHOUT RECORD, and you will ALWAYS RECORD. ...
For all of this immobility, this freezing, for all of these negative effects, why on Earth would anyone want to do this?
Because of the INCREDIBLE CLARITY that comes with it. It may feel like, doing this, that for the first time in your life, you REALLY have a CLEAR IDEA of what kinds of thoughts are going through your head. You'll really understand your ideas. And you'll also see connections that you were never consciously aware of before. You'll see a structure and a pattern in your life. You're goals and psychology will become clearer to you. You'll be clearer too about what you do NOT understand.

(Did you catch the subtle reference to known unknowns and unknown unknowns?)

It goes on like this for 131 pages. I can't figure out whether this is strictly a tinfoil helmet or the guy is onto an interesting cognitive science experiment. Or a cheap alternative to analysis or acid. Or at least a nonfiction version of NaNoWriMo.

In other notebook-obsessive news, there is now a group blog for Moleskine users: Moleskinerie.

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