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The dark night of Justin Hall

This is perhaps the oddest and most moving personal ad ever. (Warning: video and strong language.)

Damn. Having from time to time read Justin's brilliant blog (a genre he could well have founded although I don't think he uses that word) I've always wondered how the people in his life put up with his exhibitionism. Now I guess we know that they don't.

Justin is something of an extreme case, but the kind of extreme case that's been giving western civilization much of its creative juice for a couple of centuries now. If this were 1905 or 1805 he'd have been a flamboyant poet or actor with a dangerous reputation, or in 1945 a Kerouac. In 2005 he's at risk of being lumped in with the "camgirls" (remember camgirls?), but I think he's aware of his role in a William Gibson novel of his own devising in a way that the camgirls were not.

As I was watching the thought occurred to me that maybe he just needs to find his Yoko Ono (or to remove the asymmetry, perhaps be the Yoko Ono to someone else's John Lennon). But I guess he's already tried that.

(Via Wheresmy40.)

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