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Popcorn forks, zoo sticks, and orange peelers

The Popcorn Fork wants to be the fourth utensil in your place setting. Cute, but what's the matter with fingers? And I don't get the concept of Fun Du at all -- you're supposed to dip your popcorn in cups of gooey stuff, eat it from the Popcorn Fork and then put it back in the common bowl? Eww! (Via Reenhead.)

Popcorn Fork

Zoo Sticks, on the other hand, are a much more practical innovation: kid-friendly chopsticks that will put that plate of veggie lo mein in your child's belly rather than on the floor. I wish they'd catch on in Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants; meanwhile we carry our own. (See also Fish Sticks and Rookie Chopsticks.)

Zoo Sticks

However, if I were outfitting a kitchen on a desert island, the one cheap plastic utensil I couldn't do without is an orange peeler. I don't know why this thing isn't universal: it changes a sticky, frustrating procedure into a simple and efficient one. But the only source for these peelers seems to be the occasional promotion from Sunkist or other citrus growers, and I've never seen where they could be bought in quantities of less than 1000. (Click on the image for a flash animation of this little wonder.)

Sunkist orange peeler
toys 2003.01.23 link


Here's one:

omit • 2003.01.24
Just yesterday a bit of flesh pulled away from my thumbnail as I was peeling an orange. Hurt like a sumabitch. One of these gadgets would be really handy.

kika [kika ARROBA expositionkink PUNTO com] • 2003.01.27
Yep. Thanks to "Omit" (above) we now know where to buy them one at a time, or you can wait a few months: the Sunkist website says they'll be offering them as a promotion this summer. I think my wife got our last one free at Central Market one year.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle ARROBA io PUNTO com] • 2003.01.27
These Zoo Sticks are cool! Can you remember where you got them? I will, ahem, be purchasing them for use by my daughters.

bruce [bmccandless ARROBA longburner PUNTO com] • 2003.01.27
I bought them at Wheatsville. If Wheatsville is out they can probably order more. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other usual places for unusual items in town carried them (Whole Foods, Terra Toys, Whole Earth Provision on Lamar, Book People, Toy Joy, etc.)

If you can't find them locally, just type "Zoo Sticks" into Google and you'll see a mess of online retailers, including the link above (apparently unconnected with Austin's own Hog Wild, which is more into used collectible toys).

Prentiss Riddle [riddle ARROBA io PUNTO com] • 2003.01.27
Love your site, Prentiss. Thought I'd tell some more Austin-area volk about it:

Props for a Austin-area weblog

Will Kreth

I've been checking out some of Austin-area webloggers recently, and while there are several - one of the more interesting ones is Prentiss Riddle's "Aprendiz de todo, maestro de nada"

Lots of fun stuff here. Any other webloggers in the Austin area here?

In other news, we just hit the 50 member mark for the Austin Network on Ryze. Woohoo! Can you feel the power of our mighty network? Amidst the ashes and detritus of Austin's many dead related networking organzations, we breathe in the pollen and mold spore scented Central Texas air and cough "Hooray!"

Give yourself a hand. Or a decaf latte. See you at Mozart's.


Will Kreth [will ARROBA kreth PUNTO com] • 2003.01.29
I noticed the note about When that was written you could not order online, but now you can!!! So, if you are interested, you can go to:

Johanna [PamperedByJohanna cxe Brambleton punkto net] • 2004.03.24
where can I get a citrus peeler?

margo [kenney00 cxe cs punkto com] • 2004.07.15
I saw a bunch of Zoo Sticks for sale the other day at that new toy store on South Congress, just south of Mary.

McChris [chris cxe infobong punkto com] • 2004.10.13 This site offers citrus peelers for .52 cents each.

Shirley • 2005.06.01
Soooooooooo sorry, guess you have to buy in large quantities for that price. I humbly apologize.

Shirley • 2005.06.01
At a party, the demonstrator said she could make rice pudding in the rice cooker. I haven't been able to reach her to get the reciepe. Can you email it to me, please.

Dee Sabers [dsabers cxe !bellsouth punkto net] • 2005.06.08

JLB [JLB1951 cxe FREE punkto FR] • 2005.11.16
I would like to order Sunkist Citris Peeler.

Yanmai Liang [yanmai cxe alltel punkto net] • 2005.12.07
Thanks you guys - I was looking for the peeler and the search engine sent me here. I just ordered 5 from Pampered Chef.

As I get older, and don't wear my glasses often enough, I end up throwing away the orange colored peeler with the rinds! Lost several over the last few years and didn't know here to get them on a consistent basis.

Paul [paulm cxe energy-science punkto com] • 2006.03.05
As one of the leading exporters,we have been handling the orange peeler for about 10 years.if you have any require ,please kindly let me know!

kevin [cngoldking cxe yahoo punkto com punkto cn] • 2006.03.15
i like bitter candy

e [ cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2006.04.26
I just bought 6 of the citrus peelers from pampered chef. i'm not sure why, but they were so inexpensive. if they're good, i'll be happy. i like oranges, but peeling them is a pain. if it just has a sliver of ceramic like i think, it should cut through the peel but not harm the precious precious fruit inside :)

Thank you for this, it came up right away when I googled "orange peeler". Lots of "google juice" is good. :)

Pete Jenkins • 2006.11.16
FYI- You can order the peeler through Sunkist's website (4 per pack for $1.00)

Sasha • 2007.02.08
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