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Food on the sidewalk

Zeldman on RSS.

Q. If you offered an RSS feed, I could read your stuff without visiting your site.
A. If you stored your groceries on the sidewalk, we could eat your food without sitting across the table from you.

Exactly. Reminds me of why I stopped participating in blogcritics, which didn't even want me to link back to my blog.

(Shamelessly stolen from Elizabeth Lane Lawley.)

toys 2004.02.01 link


You may not want to publish full content on RSS, but if you don't publish RSS at all you don't exist, at least not in my world.

Blogging without RSS is like preparing a gigantic six-course meal for friends, but not inviting anybody and just hoping they wander in.

chip [chip cxe unicom punkto com] • 2004.02.02
So the proper function of RSS (to make this analogy cry and call for its mama) is to be an open kitchen window through which tasty aromas can waft to the passersby...

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.02.02
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