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Live from SxSWi, almost

Until today I took David Nunez's advice and left my laptop at home, but for fun today I'm blogging live from South by Southwest Interactive.

At the moment Wonkette is on stage speaking about political blogging in funny and colorful terms not appropriate for a family blog. Her use of sexual metaphor is endearing; what offends me is that she uses the mainstream media's narrow and self-absorbed definition of "blogger" as "narrowly political A-lister". Two quotes:

"Bloggers could not exist without the mainstream media."

"Without the New York Times bloggers would have nothing to complain about."

Give me a break.

At the other end of the spectrum of thoughtfulness, here's a linky shout out to the five excellent panelists on the Blogging While Black session. I won't try to repeat what they said; visit their blogs and see for yourself. They were Tiffany Brown of (what it says), (her tech blog), (wine); Lynne D. Johnson of; George Kelly of All About George and the group blog NegroPhile; Tony Pierce of busblog; and Jason Toney of Negro Please. And not on the stage, but in the air: the late Aaron Hawkins of Uppity Negro, Cecily Kidd of Formi(ca), and conservative Michael Bowen of Cobb and

For grins, I took a snapshot of images from the SxSW LAN during the Blogging While Black panel:

SxSWi etherpeg shot

Watching the images stream by in EtherPeg is interesting, but that static view is pretty dull. Come to think of it, attending the conference with my mind half on my laptop is generally sort of dull. I won't bring it tomorrow.

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