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Am I tagged or not, the latest incarnation of Ben Brown's ageist dating site, now has tags. It's unclear yet whether early-adopter chic will make it a success -- Consumating tells me that it has 1636 people in my area, of whom 24 are girls, and their median last login date was two months ago. Could tag-happy geeks be 98.5% male? That seems a little high. Sure enough it says there are 60 local boys, probably closer to a typical dating site's male-female ratio. So does that mean that the other 1552 are neither boys nor girls?

Speculations about gender and set theory aside, Consumating's tagging scheme does point out a weakness of having one big pot of tags for everything. The signup interface invites you to create tags in three categories: what you look like, what you like, and what you do/where you do it. But the three categories of tags are merged in the profiles. So a short person who likes tall people would end up with both "short" and "tall" in his or her tags. tags tagged austin

The buzzmongers for Consumating also take pains to point out that it uses Ajax. Talk about geek aphrodisiac!

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