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Am I tagged or not, the latest incarnation of Ben Brown's ageist dating site, now has tags. It's unclear yet whether early-adopter chic will make it a success -- Consumating tells me that it has 1636 people in my area, of whom 24 are girls, and their median last login date was two months ago. Could tag-happy geeks be 98.5% male? That seems a little high. Sure enough it says there are 60 local boys, probably closer to a typical dating site's male-female ratio. So does that mean that the other 1552 are neither boys nor girls?

Speculations about gender and set theory aside, Consumating's tagging scheme does point out a weakness of having one big pot of tags for everything. The signup interface invites you to create tags in three categories: what you look like, what you like, and what you do/where you do it. But the three categories of tags are merged in the profiles. So a short person who likes tall people would end up with both "short" and "tall" in his or her tags. tags tagged austin

The buzzmongers for Consumating also take pains to point out that it uses Ajax. Talk about geek aphrodisiac!

toys 2005.04.10 link


Hey dude,

You're comments are totally valid. The faceting of the tags is something that we're working on right now, but its harder than you'd think. The difference between the "tall" tag meaning "I like tall people" and "I am tall" is a difficult one to make.

And the user count within your area isn't actually represented correctly. Will fix that in the next release.

Definetely keep coming back to the site. We've got a lot planned, and I think some of the newer features will show you where we're going.

Ben Brown [benbrown cxe gmail punkto com] • 2005.04.10
ERr, I meant, "difficult distinction to make"

Ben Brown [benbrown cxe gmail punkto com] • 2005.04.10
Cool. I look forward to seeing where you take it.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2005.04.10
I am just now reading this entry as I found your consumating profile first. You know they had your picture on the front page. I added you to my "people I would do" list. We all need some of those...oh dear lord I am glad my mother doesn't know how to manage el red.

elenamary [elenamary cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2005.04.11
Every tag I click on that I'm interested in, you're the only one who pops up. Looks like we're destined for each other. Unlike Elenamary though, I didn't add you to my people I would do list. I hope you're not offended.

oso [oso cxe el-oso punkto net] • 2005.04.11
Speaking of geeks, consumating doesn't appear to handle unicode very well. In your characteristics section, the tags with accents or other special characters don't seem to come out correctly. Oddly enough though, in FireFox, the URLs in the status bar when you hover over the links display correctly. I guess that's Firefox Doing The Right Thing?

ttrentham [todo cxe thechunk punkto com] • 2005.04.11
Elena, very kind of you, you make this old man's heart go pitter-pat... And Oso, kind of you not to add me to your list.

TT, you're right, although I can't tell how much is Consumating and how much is the browser. For me, Firefox shows the international characters correctly unless I add a tag with their little instant no-reload-necessary widget, and then they're suddenly munged.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2005.04.12
I've been unable to delete or edit "reviews". For example I accidently gave an Oso a thumbs down. I also added myself to my "people I would do list"---which is technically true.

elenamary [elenamary cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2005.04.12
I'm a "me too!" with El Oso. Do all interesting tags lead only to you or was it just beginner's luck? I also did not add you to my people I would do list. Perhaps that would be a useful statistic to track.

Cheng [cleong cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.05.04
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