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Still here, dammit

I was supposed to wake up this morning in Zacatecas, but in the family germ swap a week ago I managed to come down with a nasty cold. Until I kick it I think I should stay in the land of central heating and avoid overnight bus rides.

If anyone has a quick fix for the upper respiratory blues let me know. Right now I'd like to roto-rooter my sinuses and get on with it as my window for travel is shrinking fast.

If I'm better in a couple of days I might still go but take a less ambitious trip -- perhaps to Monterrey to check out the MARCO, the Macroplaza and New Year's Eve with the fresas in the Barrio Antiguo. I've always favored rural, historic and working-class Mexico and indulged in some heavy reverse snobbery about the modern comforts available to the affluent, but having seen the comfortable side of Rio I'm wondering how the other half lives in post-NAFTA Mexico.

Anybody been to Monterrey lately who can tell me whether such a trip would be worth the trouble?

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