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Wifi and ca phe sua da in Garland

Trying to get some schoolwork done during spring break, I have left the kids with their grandparents for the day and holed myself up in a wireless hotspot in beautiful Garland, Texas.

Apparently libraries in this part of the world don't provide wireless. At least the Garland and Dallas libraries don't -- I hear rumors that the ones in techier and better-heeled Richardson and Plano might.

I tried the Free Texas wi-fi hotspot list and learned (no surprise) that it's slightly out of date. For the benefit of Googlers, here's an update:

travel 2005.03.17 link


Woah. My little home town slowly arriving in the future.

Bill Humphries [bill cxe whump punkto com] • 2005.03.18
I spent some time in Garland in the early-mid 70's. I didn't realize it at the time because I didn't know any better, but what a hell hole. It is interesting how bubble tea and wifi are slowly spreading out to places you never expected. The world is getting smaller and smaller. I guess there is a fairly large asian community in Richardson though.

Is it café sua dá or ca phe sua da? Anyway, I agree it's some strong stuff. We'll get it with lunch at either Pho Cong Ly or Tan Tan up on 183 and I swear I have some of my most productive coding sessions afterwards.

ttrentham [todo cxe thechunk punkto com] • 2005.03.18
Garland in 2005 is probably pretty different from what it was like in the 70's. For one thing, it's very visibly latino and Asian. QQ Cafe fits right in in Garland nowadays.

As for whether it's a hellhole, I'm sure that's in the eye of the beholder. Given what a 50's ranch house on a tree-lined street costs in Austin nowadays, Garland looks pretty good to me right now, especially since there's rail service connecting it to downtown Dallas. You could do worse. Although I'll bet the schools and the political climate could still make one think of fire and brimstone.

I actually tried to find the correct orthography for ca phe sua da without coming to a firm conclusion. What's written in the store window is "café sũa đá" but I believe that "cá phê sua đá" is closer. What I'm unsure of is whether there should be a diacritic on "sua" (diacritics in Vietnamese serve to represent tones). The "đá" means "ice"; served hot it's called "cá phê sua nóng". The first character in "đá" is Ð, a D with a horizontal stroke through it, but the Vietnamese references at hand don't explain how it differs from an ordinary D. Can anybody out there clear this up?

I'm back at QQ Cafe today. The person behind the counter explained that the eclectic music comes from the owner's iTunes collection. The owner actually lives in Austin, which explains the Guy Forsyth and Bad Livers which pop up from time to time. I left a copy of my annual comp CD for the owner with my compliments. Maybe he'll follow the breadcrumbs to this blog entry; if so, then thanks for providing me a wifi refuge in distant Garland!

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2005.03.18
Whoa! Guy! That is the same guy with the hippie-jesus blond hair and beard, and guitar, and harmonica, and ... curvaceous prowess...

badgerbag [lizzard cxe bookmaniac punkto net] • 2005.03.21
Okay, Badger, I'm going to be lame and censor that last bit, under the pretense that this blog is PG-13.

The rumors I've heard about Guy F's love life would not contract your thesis, however. I've seen a picture of his tattoo with a heart and an arrow and the label "Your Name Here". And in an interview a few years back he was asked about his most successful pickup line. His reply? "Uh -- okay."

I never saw him with a beard, though. He wouldn't want to cover up that pretty-boy face.

P.S. He could be short, fat, hairy, and unremarkable in bed and still have people throwing themselves at him once they hear him play -- I don't think anybody in this blues-crazy town has mastered the raw sexy blues better than he has.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2005.03.21
I didn't follow the breadcrumbs, because I never did get the CD for some reason, but I was doing a google search for some other stuff and found your blog.

The difference between a D with no line and a D with a line through it is that a D with no line is pronounced like a y (dao, no line, is pronounced "yao") and a D with a line is pronounced like a real D. Gotta love those French missionaries.

And, yes, before I started the cafe, while I was consulting, I went to see Guy F. pretty constantly.

And the beard, when I saw it, was a pirate looking mustache/goatee combination... I would think he would have better luck clean shaven... but with that singing thing, no matter, I guess.

Skipper Smith [qqboss cxe qqcafe punkto net] • 2005.07.10
>>>Mexico: Copper Canyon, Las Pozas, somewhere with a kid-friendly language school We can suggest several schools here in this UNESCO World Heritage city. Most of our locations are 'across the street' from Instituto Falcon which does have a good children's program

Bill Byrnes [misc cxe gtomex punkto com] • 2005.12.27
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