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All roads lead to Google, like it or not

So I'm on my way to TagCamp, trying to find my way through Palo Alto traffic armed only with a printout from Google Maps. I've been circling for half an hour, looking for roads that don't really connect the way Google says they do, when I look up and what do I see? Google HQ!

Google sign

Okay, I didn't have the presence of mind to stop and take that pic (thanks, Flickr), but if I had stopped, it would have been hard to resist going inside and complaining...

travel 2005.10.28 link


And to think that I was in the Bay area for a few days...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Camilo Ramirez [camilo cxe confusedkid punkto com] • 2005.11.08
Yeah, there are lots of people I would have liked to get together with in the Bay Area while I was there, but I had time constraints that kept me from doing much besides TagCamp.

To add to the irony of it all: I didn't know that Sunday morning would be the end of daylight savings time. That extra hour might have been enough to get together with somebody for breakfast on my way out of town. Sigh.

How'd you know I just had a birthday?! Thanks.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2005.11.08
Well, seriously, we all have profiles everywhere, and by now some magic data company (google?) has the goods on us.
And you had it on your profile on one of those social networking sites.

Camilo Ramirez [camilo cxe confusedkid punkto com] • 2005.11.09
How funny. This very thing happened to me in September when I attended Accelerating Change. I had a car full of people trying to navigate me to the SAP offices. The mirth in the car was a mix of giddiness from the conference and a "gee-golly" flavor given off by three Texans in the group.

It was my first trip to Palo Alto. The first night and morning there, driving alone, I did feel the need to strangle someone. After a couple of days, I seriously wanted to shack up with silicon valley. I could seriously get used to imbibing that vibe on a regular basis. What do you think we'd have to do to leverage SXSW a bit to fuel some of that energy here in Austin?

- David

David Swedlow [david cxe metastorming punkto com] • 2005.11.10
bitches at google. i got your cyber back. i can be a hardkore cyber thug...cause you know none of this is real.

elenamary [elenamary cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2005.12.20
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