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Austinbloggers tonight, East Austin Studio Tour this weekend

A quick reminder, bloggage to come:

The monthly Austin Bloggers get-together is tonight at 7:00 at Flightpath.

East Austin Studio Tour

And the marvelous East Austin Studio Tour is this Saturday and Sunday. It's free and it's the best way to keep up with local artists and to explore Austin's changing East side.

austin 2005.11.16 link


I'll be hosting a very special guest from my studio on Bolm Road - Mr Chris Chappell of Chris Ate Lunch fame. I'll also be handing out 'Maps to the Stars', highlighting some of the bright spots on the tour, and I'm thinking about taking a break from my tradition of serving hot dogs during the tour to take a flyer on cold meatloaf sandwiches. You heard it here first, hope to see you this weekend.

Michael Schliefke [info cxe schliefkevision punkto com] • 2005.11.16
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