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Glover, Tosca and tango

Last Tuesday we went to hear Glover Gill (he of 8-1/2 Souvenirs and Waking Life fame) play tango with the Tosca String Quartet. It was in a perfect musical setting at the Cactus Cafe: the sound was immaculate, the audience was rapt, and we could hear every note. Each set started with Glover doing solo piano arrangements and then Tosca joined him for the full lush tango experience. We picked up a copy of Glover's solo piano CD, Solo Tango Vol. 1.

Glover Gill and tango dancers at Pink

Then on First Thursday we heard Glover and lead Tosca violinist Leigh Mahoney play at the salon/boutique Pink on South Congress. The acoustics were those of a concrete box and I wanted to strangle the loudmouths who yakked over the music, but there was room for dancers. (No, that's not me dancing. I have more hair. Click on the pic for a bigger view.)

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