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What has eight legs and barks? (Or maybe oinks or moos.)


Answer: the Octodog. I'm wondering whether I could use an Octodog maker for my vegetarian, soy-averse daughters. Maybe it would work on string cheese?

File this with the popcorn forks, zoo sticks, and orange peelers.

toys 2004.02.16 link


According to this Flak Magazine story, "The frankfurter converter's promotional material recommends using pork (or, more accurately, "not all-beef") hotdogs," so I suspect Not-Dogs are out of the question as well.

McChris [chris cxe infobong punkto com] • 2004.02.19
Oooh, I discovered those things a few months ago. I want to take up hotdog-eating just to make octodogs...maybe decorate them with clove tentacles and peppercorn eyes.

Maktaaq • 2004.02.25
I'm just afraid that string cheese wouldn't have that kind of psychopathological waxy flexibility that wieners made of deceased beasts or soy naturally enjoy. It tends to snap back into its original fibrous, monolithic shape like a bungee cord. By the way, did you know that Bill Gates' yacht is called the Octopus? Yes, like the Frank Norris classic. Spooky, how things converge. ...

Colin [colin cxe blogalization punkto us] • 2004.02.26
Hey Colin...
The Octopus is NOT Bill Gates yacht...
It's Paul Allen's

claus b hansen [claus punkto b punkto hansen cxe free punkto zzn punkto com] • 2005.02.28
the tattosh was in harbour in Cozemel for 8 days 315ftlong owned by paul allen also. Listed as #12th largest yacht in the world. Tattosh!

ron parsons [ronp cxe bitterrootmotors punkto com] • 2005.03.04
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