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Put the monkey on the bus

My old blog posts about bus travel to Mexico (1, 2, 3, 4) keep getting so many hits that I've decided to do something silly and unscientific: I've put up a SurveyMonkey survey about a hypothetical site devoted to Mexican bus travel.

If you think you'd ever travel to Mexico by bus or read about it online, please take the survey. Thanks!

travel 2006.12.12 link


Done. Can't wait to see what comes out of it. :)

oso [oso cxe el-oso punkto net] • 2006.12.13
I'm always asked about buses going into Centeral America. I usually drive into Centeral America but have seen buses that travel all the way from Mexico City to Costa Rica. I have since lost the piece of paper that I wrote the bus line's name on. It would be a great site if it would give you a map with direct routes and bus lines with tel numbers (trans national) as well as showing main bus lines to major cities. I have also endured countless times standing in various lines going through the rituals of cross boarder paper work. I have found several articals in this web that would be very benifical if re-printed in your web. Rod

rod ward [rodneypw cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2007.01.06
Tried to take survey--??? Would like to travel by bus from Austin to San Miguel (and/or Gto) and back. Have never traveled to Mexico, and would prefer a tour for this reason, but have specific weeks only when I can travel, and cannot find a tour for the week in May I want to go. More info on your blog than anywhere else--thanks. If you are still doing the survey, let me know.

keaton [keaton2 cxe austin punkto rr punkto com] • 2007.01.28
Second time for survey. Never heard a response for the first. People need to learn the hard truth--no luxury bus co runs a bus across the border to interior Texas (? other states). The trip is long and difficult, and only the young (and possibly mind-altered) should attempt. Seriously regret having done it on the basis of things I read here. Don't get me wrong--the majority of passengers were Mexican; I do not feel I deserve anything better than they. Nobody's dog should have to travel this way!

keaton [keaton2 cxe austin punkto rr punkto com] • 2007.05.25
Keaton, you're right, I never reported back on the results from the survey, in part because there weren't many. But they've continued to trickle in and after half a year I have 50 responses.

The short answer (based on a non-random sample of the readers of this little blog!) is that if somebody was hoping for fame and fortune, a site for English-speaking travelers on Mexican buses would not be the place to start. Half the respondents said they read about Mexican travel only when planning a specific trip and 3/4 of the respondents said they travel to Mexico by bus less than once a year. Most already have websites they use to plan Mexico bus trips (60% use, 40% Wikipedia or Wikitravel, and lots of others). So even though a majority said they would like to see a site specializing in Mexican bus travel, it's not clear that it would get much use.

Which is not a reason not to do it: the Internet is all about finding one's labor of love and being "famous to 15 people". The only thing is, I have other labors of love demanding my time right now. So for now my efforts will be limited to posting my own trip reports here once year or so if I'm lucky.

The comments were encouraging, if also intimidating -- your wish list was pretty long! One person recommended, an online ticket service which covers multiple bus companies; I don't know how comprehensive or reliable they are.

And I'd love to know what the person was thinking who asked, "When does your website go topless?" :-)

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2007.05.29
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